MOSDAY is a publishing organisation for writers and readers. Here at Mosday we value originality above all else. We are always looking for new work which breaks the mold and offers original perspectives.


Hello, my name is Ben Worrall. I am an aspiring writer and the founder of Mosday. I created Mosday for two reasons :

1. To be the number one digital publishing brand for readers who value original storytelling and unique content. I am interested in showcasing both fiction and non-fiction which provide amazing amounts of value to the reader.

2. To be the ultimate resource for up and coming writers. Proving valueable information on the craft, digital publishing, marketing and future trends.

As an amateur writer I’m also interested talking about my own writing journey, struggle and successes.

I hope you enjoy Mosday’ s content and products. If you have any queries feel free to contact me here.


Ben Worrall